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Give the gift of Christmas

LMT & Partners Event

Date / Christmas 2019

Location / Metro Vancouver BC

Christmas is just around the corner!  It’s that time of year when we dream about blessing others – especially those beyond the walls of our churches. What is your dream this year – for your church or for your family? What about doing something to love and bless the “aliens” and newcomers in our city?  Jesus himself was a refugee in Egypt for two years. What about reaching out to the flood of refugees in Vancouver?
You may have once been a newcomer to Vancouver yourself. You remember what it’s like to leave behind your homeland and to figure out how to plant yourself in a brand new nation. You can probably relate to what most refugees are experiencing. It’s challenging – even scary – to start over again – and find a place to live, a job, schooling – even learning where to buy the groceries that you like.
But far more challenging, is finding a sense of belonging again. A community. Refugees are lost and lonely – and they don’t know where they belong anymore. That’s where we come in – as God’s people. Here are two simple ways that you can be part of welcoming newcomers to Canada and to the love of God.

Last year a number of churches delivered Christmas baskets to few refugee families. It was a small start – but it was a great blessing! Baskets were filled with toys for the kids, gift cards, lovely household items – and special treats. Would your family, small group or church like to take on a project like this?  We will provide a refugee family for you and give you instructions. It’s not complicated – but it is beautiful!  And ultimately, the goal is not to just deliver some stuff.  Your Christmas basket is a bridge to a relationship with that family. It’s the beginning of an ongoing friendship – and a doorway for this family to find a new community.

What about inviting a refugee family to join your family and friends for a Christmas dinner? It will be their first time in a Canadian home. They will be nervous and excited at the same time. And you have an opportunity to hear their stories. You will also be able to share the meaning of Christmas with them. We will give you guidelines on how to host a family. It will be the first time they have heard the true Christmas story.

All these acts of kindness are simply doorways into your life, your community. Last year was a great success – with many refugee families hearing the Christmas story for the first time – and forming strong friendships. This year we believing for Him to call more people to this Christmas labour of love. 50 Christmas Baskets – and 50 Christmas Dinners!
If you or your church is interested to join this campaign, Please contact us at

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